Leap of Faith


             I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately……and not, when I come to die, discover that I had not lived” – Henry David Thoreau

I bet that many of you get really excited when you think of adventure. You get really excited when you think of standing atop tall mountains, looking at the most beautiful views. You get really excited when you think of gliding remote waters that lead to the most serene places. You get really excited when you think of sleeping under the stars in the wilderness, watching the ancient epics unravel in the constellations. Yet somehow, you’re here, stuck inside a metal dinosaur, wasting two hours of your life in traffic every day while your brain goes numb. How did you end up there? Why have you grown so accustomed to such a way of life? Well, my friends, you have buckled under the pressure of society, of what is deemed to be right. You’ve grown up having people tell you that you must put yourself in silly debt for a college degree, then get a job, a car, a house, a spouse, a child and before you know it, you’re 80 years old, out of energy to do the things that you love. You’re out of energy to climb the mountains, to glide the water, to sleep under the stars. You’re out of energy to chase the butterflies, to follow the eagles, and to track the bears. That’s not what you want. You don’t want to be asking yourself: “where has my life gone?” in your old age. You want to go out there and live, live a bona fide life full of adventures and excitement. You want to be telling your children and your grandchildren that you’ve seen nature’s greatest glories before they disappeared. So go, take that leap off of the cliff known as “security” and jump straight into the void of the future and onto the trail of your dreams.10173629_10204155087749000_6033590829169529787_n

It is terrifying, though, I know. It is terrifying to give up the only thing that you know. It is terrifying to take that leap of faith out of your comfort zone and onto the trail toward your dreams. It is terrifying that you can’t see that tiny dirt path under the hazy void of the future. Yet to lead an excitingly adventurous life, you must leap.


All I can say to reassure you is that I’ve taken that leap and here I am, amidst nature. Climbing mountains to incredible views, gliding calm waters to serene places, and sleeping under the stars, admiring the constellations. That faithful day that I left home was June 1st, 2015. I’ve left the comfort, and security of a house and a job on a journey toward a bona fide existence under the stars. I don’t regret one second of my journey. I’m euphoric that I’ve taken the leap. You’ll be too. You’ll lead an adventurous life, you’ll see great things and meet great people as long as you keep your heart open to the skies and the stars in your eyes even though there’s mud in your boots and your sleeping bag is damp.

But first, my friends, you must leap.


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